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Emergency and Crisis Management – Preparedness

The first of our 3-part leadership webinar series on ‘Emergency and Crisis Management’ attracted representatives from across many different industrial sectors including energy, agriculture, manufacturing, oil, and gas. Nuffield Group was fortunate to have Craig Lapsley as our guest speaker; Craig is one of the world’s foremost experts in emergency management, leadership and change. The […]

Flat Beer? You Need Emergency Management Planning

It’s hard to fathom going to a bar for a drink and being served ‘flat’ beer – even in the UK! Worse still imagine being unable to go to hospital to have a medical procedure. And yet, this amazing situation is currently playing out in the UK and perfectly demonstrates why you need emergency management […]

Sharing and Collaborating for Best Practice

At Nuffield Group we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. We believe in helping create resilient businesses by sharing and collaborating non-competitive information. This approach has many advantages, not least of which is providing our customers with access to best practice frontiers based on learnings across industries and sectors. Back in 2016 the Williams Formula […]

Risk Management Is Just Part Of Everyday Life

Risk Management is often over complicated. It is, in fact, a simple process that is part of everyday life. Risk Management is defined as ‘the forecasting and evaluation of risks, together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact’. What this article demonstrates is the simplicity and effectiveness of using a Risk […]

Don’t let an incident develop into a crisis – be prepared

Unfortunately, most of us in our personal and professional lives have to deal with incidents and emergencies at some point or other. Some of these situations become crises and a crisis can then turn into a disaster and have dreadful outcomes. The impacts can be massive, not only for an individual but also for an […]

Working & Learning Is Changing – What Now?

There are a multitude of opportunities and challenges emerging for organisations from this COVID pandemic and many relate to the manner employees work and learn. There is no blueprint for what we are facing but business leaders around the world are certainly changing strategies to adapt. Organisations have moved quickly to recognize the practicalities associated […]

Achieving Excellence Through Learning

Improving the performance of an individual, a team, and an organisation is critical to the success and resilience of any business. One way to achieve this is for leaders to focus on a range of simple measures that can easily be enacted and self-managed to build greater knowledge, expertise, and cohesiveness in an organisation; in […]

How To Frame A Business Continuity Plan

Nuffield Group has established an emergency and crisis management capability – an Integrated Emergency Management Response & Recovery (IEMR) team – tasked to address the ‘before, during, and after’ phases of an emergency scenario. Our team of highly credentialed experts uses a holistic approach to the services it provides across risk management, emergency management planning, […]

Resilience And Business Continuity Management

One of the key factors integral to the continued and effective operation of an organisation is a carefully planned and developed Business Continuity Management Planning framework. Throughout this last 12 months organisations have continued to operate due to the planning they had completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, enabling them to pivot and adapt […]

Stakeholder Collaboration in Emergency Plans

At Nuffield Group we don’t believe our dealings with our customers are transactional. We believe in establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships that are ongoing. It’s a philosophy we seek to extend throughout our network and supply chain because we recognise the benefits of shared value and shared knowledge. Bottom line: Stakeholder collaboration is essential. Take […]