Stakeholder Collaboration in Emergency Management

Author: Tony Murphy

At Nuffield Group we don’t believe our dealings with our customers are transactional. We believe in establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships that are ongoing. It’s a philosophy we seek to extend throughout our network and supply chain because we recognise the benefits of shared value and shared knowledge. Bottom line: Stakeholder collaboration is essential.

Take our work in Integrated Emergency Management & Recovery (IEMR) for example. Yes, we run workshops & training exercises for our customers but we also ensure they get first-hand experience of how stakeholders they interact with, actually operate.

Why? Because a meaningful relationship between operators of critical infrastructure, major hazard facilities, industrial sites and the emergency management agencies that are their key stakeholders is fundamental in helping keep their wider community safe.

So, we walk the talk by helping all stakeholders (not just our customers) come together to develop a better understanding of each other, of their systems and their operating procedures.

Building these relationships can take many forms:

  • Regular networking events
  • Joint exercises
  • Site inspections
  • Scenario planning

The intention of all of these is to develop a strong understanding of local communities and the potential impacts that would occur (beyond the immediate and obvious), in the event of an emergency incident.

This puts our customers and ALL local stakeholders in a far better position to manage any consequences that could impact their local communities. It fosters the development of connection, trust and synergy on matters of mutual interest; And it helps build collective knowledge and capability to enable the best possible response in the event of an emergency.

Relationship building is a key success factor in managing emergency events. Nurturing and strengthening relationships between local businesses and emergency managers is a wise investment.

It’s why we have “Integrated” at the front of our team name and why we actively seek to bring our customers, emergency service teams, local business leaders and others in the local supply chain together so they can share their knowledge, experience and understanding to the benefit of the whole community.

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