Sharing and Collaborating for Best Practice

At Nuffield Group we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. We believe in helping create resilient businesses by sharing and collaborating non-competitive information. This approach has many advantages, not least of which is providing our customers with access to best practice frontiers based on learnings across industries and sectors.

Back in 2016 the Williams Formula One racing team worked with medical staff at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff to help apply their knowledge and procedures of pit lane operations to the resuscitation of newborn babies. The story is often invoked as an example of how you can learn from other industries and sectors to improve outcomes in your own.

In our industry we have adopted this principle by developing a practical solution; An online ‘Give ‘n’ Take Exchange (GNTX). GNTX is an innovative, collaborative and information sharing platform, supporting the development of best practice solutions across a range of organisations operating in various sectors and markets.

GNTX allows organisations, many with common goals, interests, and challenges, to share their approaches, policies, procedures, and practices to a range of issues.

The ability to access a diversity of experience, expertise and learnings creates an opportunity to understand and improve processes, tools, policies, and procedures among GNTX subscribers. Above all it enables the delivery of better outcomes in a timelier, better informed, less costly and efficient manner.

It’s like a virtuous circle driving continuous improvement which translates to better products, solutions and outcomes promoting sustainable business operations and improved consumer outcomes. It’s a new way of consulting with collaboration and validation of practices and is particularly centred on small and medium businesses to help them increase their capability and responsiveness.

Nuffield Group are proud of the ecosystem GNTX creates and the improvement it offers businesses. For further information on its functionality and application contact us via the form on this website; email us direct at or call 1300 308 257 or +61 404 852 062