Silos. Good for grain storage, bad for business! Silo mentality in an organisation is a well-documented issue that, at best, reduces operational efficiency and at worst produces a damaging corporate culture; For best results, break through silos!

Information silos are created when management does not believe there to be enough benefit from sharing information.” But at Nuffield Group we work to make stronger, safer, and more resilient organisations and business communities. And to do that we are open to collaboration and collective learning to drive innovation and growth. Business divisions that operate independently of each other, and who avoid sharing information and resources are the antithesis of that.

Initially, it might appear productive to have departments working efficiently and independently. However, when they fail to communicate and work together business operations begin to suffer.

The challenge of breaking down silos doesn’t just apply to individual organisations – it can be extended to broader industries and communities too. Every organisation has valuable knowledge, tools, and resources that can be of great use to others but the tendency is to silo them, not share. Our approach is, instead, to leverage each other’s cognitive diversity and pool together our unique experiences and resources to solve common problems.

GNTX is our online collaborative platform for industry leaders to share their best practice solutions to common challenges. By breaking down silo mentality and nursing a mindset shift in business practice, we can work together to create best practice solutions to common challenges. By being willing to share non-competitive information and learn from each other, we can reach across different industries and business communities, to create shared value for all.

In this environment, businesses no longer keep their best practice solutions to themselves but share them, breaking down the silos and opening doors to further collaboration.

This way, we all benefit from safer, more resilient industries and communities.

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining our Give ‘n’ Take platform (GNTX) and leveraging resources from other businesses and industries then Contact us via the form on this website; email us direct at or Call 1300 308 257 or +61 404 852 062