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Go Hard, Go Early – An Independent Project Strategy

“Go hard, go early” is probably one of the most coined COVID catchphrases this year. You wouldn’t think ‘hard’ or ‘early’ could be interpreted differently but in the modern-day political spin cycle, it seems they can! So, for the purposes of applying this mantra to project management we’re going to need a pair of unequivocal […]

For Best Results, Break Through Silo Mentality

Silos. Good for grain storage, bad for business! Silo mentality in an organisation is a well-documented issue that, at best, reduces operational efficiency and at worst produces a damaging corporate culture; For best results, break through silos! “Information silos are created when management does not believe there to be enough benefit from sharing information.” But […]


Sometimes the best ideas come from outside your industry. When a hospital in the Netherlands needed a more efficient way to monitor patient care and patient inflow and outflow, they looked towards the aviation industry for answers. By creating a Hospital Control Centre that functioned similarly to an airport control tower, the hospital could continuously […]