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Is the fire season going to be bad this year?

One of the questions I was asked every year of my career in the fire service was “Is the fire season going to be bad this year”? My response was always the same. “Every year will be a bad year somewhere, just make sure if you’re at that somewhere, you’re prepared”. Now is the time […]

Learning From The Mistakes of Others

One of my favourite sayings is “learn from the away game”. We all understand that we can and should learn from our own mistakes but how often do we think about learning from the mistakes of others? Earlier this week, one of the pre-eminent social media platforms went offline and left millions of people unable […]

Fires & Floods. It’s Time to Spring into Action

It seems that everywhere I look lately there are real examples of significant and unexpected change to the relative normality of life. This is no more evident than in the Covid 19 pandemic that has swept across the world over the past twenty months and impacted so many in ways that were unforeseen only two years […]

How To Future Proof Your Business

So, you want to future proof your business to maximise a successful recovery in the event of an emergency or crisis. Where do you start? Nuffield Group provides Emergency and Crisis Management services to its customers and one area we focus heavily on is the importance of planning for disruption from a wide range of […]

Emergency Management Planning

Emergency Management Planning: Who will be in charge? Could we have foreseen this? How do we recover? These are just some of the many questions that should be addressed in planning for an emergency long before you need to have the answers in real time! Emergency management planning is vital for almost all businesses. Naturally, […]

Tis the season
to be

“Every year I hear the same messaging about the bushfire danger and every year it never happens to me. Sure, I know it happens but I will deal with it when it happens”. As a Fire Officer for over 30 years, I have met the people who thought it would never happen to them – […]