Supporting our customers and the wider business community throughout this pandemic and during recovery is paramount to us.
To assist all businesses, big and small, we’re making this Covid-19 Business Continuity document FREE to help you plan effectively to deal with the challenges you may currently face in your business.

Business Continuity
COVID-19 Safe Plan
(Micro,small & Medium Business)
Lifeline Australia Workplace Mental Health Resource for Managers
Mental Health Risk Plan
for Business

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Your business continuity starts here…

The Integrated Emergency Management and Recovery (IEMR) initiative supports businesses and communities dealing with unplanned events (like natural disasters, fires, disease outbreaks, critical supply disruptions and cyberattacks) before, during and after each phase of an emergency.

IEMR enables businesses and communities to share and to learn from each other, through collaboration, networking, and access to best-practice resources, services and expertise. (1)

IEMR creates ‘shared value’ in emergency management supporting business continuity and recovery while building community resilience. (2)

The benefits include:

  • Improving knowledge and capability to plan for, respond to and recover from a disruption, outage, emergency or disaster

  • Building and maintaining business and community relationships that facilitate more effective prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities and capabilities

  • Supporting individual and collective business prevention and preparedness through training and development programs, sharing of resources and expertise

  • Developing business and community resilience through structured programs that support interoperability

  • Developing a shared understanding of individual business needs and their community’s capabilities

  • Providing access to, and integrating, best-practice resources, services and expertise from within the community and outside

  • Understanding the complexity and challenges of all businesses in a community to reveal any previously unknown interdependencies or vulnerabilities.

We acknowledge that every business and community is unique, but there are many similarities when planning for emergencies that reach across all businesses and communities.

By focusing on common areas, IEMR is an efficient resource for businesses of all sizes to improve emergency, crisis and disaster preparation, planning and build capability to manage and cope when most needed.

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