Free Webinar on Emergency Preparedness

Nuffield Group is holding a FREE webinar on the topic of Emergency Management preparedness on Thursday 28th October at 11am lasting approximately one hour.

It’s brought to you by our Integrated Emergency Management and Recovery team (IEMR) and we’d love you to join us.
We’ll have a keynote presentation from Craig Lapsley on the topic of ‘Preparedness’ and an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and participate in a short online survey to assess their own readiness for an unplanned event. The survey tool link will be provided to attendees post the webinar and consists of just 17 questions that will take 5 minutes to answer – a quick and easy way to see how prepared you and your organisation are.

Registration for the webinar is FREE and will take you 1 minute. You can do it here.

You will get email reminders of the webinar date and time and a link to join us. We look forward to your company and a great presentation from Craig, who’ll be speaking to us from the USA where he is currently deployed leading and advising authorities fighting some of the biggest and worst wildfires the country has ever seen.